If you would like to commission me to embroider a portrait or a map or if you have an idea you would like to discuss then please email or call me.

Email: katytarling@googlemail.com     Call: 07929643377


What do I need?

I work from photographs and it is usually easiest to email photos directly. However I understand sometimes photos come in a regular old fashioned hard copy, especially if they’re old. In that case you can post me your photos or drop them off at my shop, Fig, 206 Gloucester Rd, Bristol BS7 8NU.

I do understand that sometimes one photo doesn’t quite capture a person or a beloved pet perfectly. I can work from multiple pictures and piece together a portrait from different photographs so don’t worry about sending me lots of photos, I don’t mind and sometimes it can help.

I can stitch portraits from any angle - face on, side profile. I can add hats, sunglasses, spectacles and I try to match clothing styles. Let me know if there are any special characteristics or personal features you would like me to try and include. The only things I try to avoid are teeth! They can look a little odd when embroidered at a small scale.

How big are the portraits?

My single person portraits are about 7cm x 9cm and include the head and upper chest. However, I can work to a larger scale and include several people in one aperture.

How long do they take?

I like to allow two weeks to make the portraits but time scales are dependent on my workload so it’s best to ask. I have been known to stitch six portraits in one week but generally speaking, the more notice I can have the better!

How much do they cost?

A single portrait of a person or a pet, 7cm x 9cm, costs £65. For anything bigger please contact me for a price.

Can you frame the portraits?

I can order mounts and frames for you. I use a local, family-run, framers in Bristol called Niche Frames. They usually require at least 2 week’s notice to make the frames.


My maps are stitched onto canvas using various processes including freehand machine embroidery, silk paint and silk appliqué. I can make any shape and size up to about 150cmx150cm.

How do I order one?

Please call or email me with the area you would like mapped and the spots or features you would like me to highlight, i.e. your house.

How much do they cost?

That depends on the size and complexity.  Prices start at about £150 for a 15 x 15cm size, £200 for a 20cmx20cm.

Can you frame the maps?

Yes, I can organise framing through my local framing shop here in Bristol, Niche Frames but they usually require at least two week’s notice.

How long do they take?

Of course this depends on how big and complex the map is and also on my current workload. For a small map, 2-3 weeks notice is usually sufficient.